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Most businesses opt for relational databases for storing mountains of data owing to their robust scalability and easy retrieval over flat-file databases. In fact, a vast majority of current IT systems and applications are based on relational DBMS(Database Management Systems).

Relational databases are types of databases that store and provide access to data points related to one another. They are typically based on a relational model that is intuitive and straightforward, at the same time.

In a relational database, each row is a record with a unique ID called a key. Each column in the table holds the attributes and…

Almost everyone uses websites today. However, the purpose for which it is being used differs from person to person. Some use it for shopping, some for trading, some for finding information and so on. There are a plethora of changes that keep happening in the web world; the internet keeps evolving to cater to these changes with the help of new technologies.

However, as a business owning these websites, it is important to measure the performance of the website. …

Developers across the globe were looking for a new capability in the C# compiler that allowed them to evaluate user code and generate additional C# source files (which in turn can be included in a compilation).

Their request was granted when a new type of component known as a Source Generator was created.

In this post, let us understand everything you need to know about C# source generators and how it is useful to these developers.

Table of contents

  1. What is a Source Generator?
  2. Scenarios benefitting from Source Generator
  3. Source Generator and Ahead Of Time (AOT) compilation
  4. What’s next for…

The internet has become a confluence of different technologies, thanks to a plethora of development tools found in every nook and corner of the internet world.

If you are a developer, then the chances of you not hearing about APIs are very slim. After all, APIs have become a buzzword in the ‘development world’ due to their ability to bring different utilities to your platter. Without APIs, it would have become impossible to address multiple needs in a single application.

In this post, we will quickly understand what is an API and follow it up with 10 APIs every developer…

Data types in C# can be typically classified into two types viz. value types and reference types. The reference type saves the address of the value where it is stored, but the value type keeps the item itself.

Value types include int, float, double, decimal, bool, char, and others, while reference types include object, string, and array. You’ll frequently need to convert value types to reference types or vice versa while working with these data types.

Because they have different features and are stored differently in memory,. NET must perform some internal work to convert them from one type to…

Designing a highly scalable and reliable application is a daunting task and is more complicated than it may appear to us. Following complex concurrency and scaling patterns can aggravate the complexity of the application and muddle up things.

Scalable applications are in high demand in this digital era as viral marketing can make your application an overnight sensation with a huge influx of traffic. But what exactly is scalability?

Simply put, scalability is the property of a system to handle growing amounts of usage in different directions. …

The programming world is moving towards distributed systems. Here’s what we mean by that- any activity carried out by a user is accomplished by two or more applications in the backend. However, this is achieved with a better user experience and lesser latency.

This approach comes up with a lot of benefits from a user perspective as well as from a system architecture side. Since the systems are distributed, it is easier to maintain and develop the system.

Also, it gives the advantage of creating individual applications in different programming languages. …

When C# version 4.0 was released, two new capabilities were introduced to the language’s already extensive range of tools for solving various problems. Yes, we are talking about the popular covariance and contravariance features.

This post will define and demonstrate how these two handy features that allow developers to solve challenges which previously required a workaround.

In simple words, the co and contra-variances refer to how an object is handled. The term “variance” refers to a property of operators that act on specified types, as well as the ordering of operators. When compared to its operands, the co prefix implies…

Software development teams are often subjected to unprecedented challenges in terms of frequent releases and new updates for their applications that are live. They have to achieve a smooth release without compromising on the quality and customer experience.

To strike a balance between these two, there have been numerous developments and paradigm shifts in software development such as Agile and DevOps. Approaches like continuous integration and continuous deployment have gained tremendous traction over the years.

In short, the ability to test, build and release an application is supported by a sprawling range of tools and methodologies these days. Application release…

Cybersecurity is the stronghold of any organization. It is responsible for maintaining the integrity and authenticity of all the data and transactions within the organization. Trespassing of these data by a third party could cost the company millions and rupture the workflow of the organization.

The cybersecurity industry is rapidly evolving every day and is infusing the latest technologies into businesses to safeguard their data. However, the industry is not without challenges and the past few years that were filled with multiple cyber breaches across the globe are a testament to this statement. To counter some of these challenges, XDR…


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