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Many a time, people transfer sensitive data from cloud applications to other applications without worrying much about how secure the transmission is. They fail to realize that if such sensitive information falls into the wrong hands, it can turn catastrophic for the organization.

Such organizations should embrace the Microsoft managed message broker called Azure Service Bus.

We are in an era where messaging is a very common phenomenon. It is the easiest way to transfer data from one endpoint to another. And Azure Service Bus uses messaging to transfer data. …

We live in the age of digitalization where businesses are seeking new ways to lower costs while improving their efficiency. Cloud services like Microsoft Azure stand as a true testament to this concept.

Jack Welch, the former CEO of General Electric once quoted “The biggest opportunity for big companies has come by far in the digitization of internal processes”

We are about to discuss something that comes under the digitization umbrella of business — Cloud Storage. To be precise, we are going to discuss in detail about Microsoft’s Azure Storage Account. Azure Storage Account is a scalable, cost-effective, and secure…

In one of our earlier blogs, we had explored SOLID principles. According to that, creating dedicated classes and methods that perform a single activity is one of the best practices to follow. Imagine creating a method but it is being utilized only once in the code. As per the project visibility, it is not going to be used up anytime in the future also. In such cases, the efforts in defining a method, type of input, and output is considerably high due to the number of times it is being utilized throughout the code.

In such cases, a one-time usable…

Back in the days, computer technology was not so advanced to keep up with all your safety requirements. Internet users were supposed to create different login accounts and remember all the passwords and usernames. While managing the credentials was itself no walk in the park for programmers, authorization was another hurdle with which they had to deal with on a regular basis. All the complex databases and explicit programming used to make the occurrence of a cleaner code entirely improbable, which resulted in decreased response time and messed up user experience.

Introduction to Auth0

However, today, we have Auth0, which is cross-platform authentication…

In our previous post, you were introduced to the basic concepts of cloud and also given a brief understanding about one of the most popular cloud service providers — Microsoft Azure. In this post and the subsequent posts, we are going to deep dive into Azure and understand some of its core features and services.

Suppose the IT infrastructure of your organization has been already hosted in Azure, the next important aspect of your infrastructure is to determine who gets to access what and how do I seamlessly implement it in Azure. This is where Azure Role-Based Access Control (RBAC)…

Developing applications and maintaining them is a top priority for businesses in this age. Choosing the right architecture before development can make the entire process breezy. Two of the most popular architectures are monolithic and microservices.

Microservices is an important software trend that can have great implications on the enterprise IT function. Similarly, monolithic architecture has its own advantages. In this post, we are going to understand the key differences between the two and why some people choose one over the other.

Table of Contents

  1. What is a Monolithic Architecture?
  2. What are Microservices?
  3. What are the benefits and drawbacks of…

By now you would be knowing what caching is and why it is often used by developers to enhance the performance of their application. If not, we recommend you read our previous post on the basics of caching to help you cruise through this post. Caching has been greatly used to reduce the consumption of resources and Redis cache is one of the popular means to implement caching.

There may be plenty of frameworks available to implement caching out there, but we picked Redis because of its fast performance, scalability, support for multiple languages, to name a few features.



In the modern world, user experience plays a significant role in driving sales by increasing the count of repeat users to a website. If you are a user, you will often consider your website experience as top-notch if the website runs at optimal performance. In other words, the optimal performance of the website plays a key role in determining the user experience of a website. Now the important question — how to measure the performance of a website and how can we improve it.

Think of a personal trainer in a gym. Here is a person who monitors our performance…

Managing your Azure services over a cloud environment can be difficult. Especially when you have tons of services and resources located in different regions. In a business environment, managing service errors can mean the difference between preventing potential losses and seeking profit. Without a proper method to manage your issues, you can do more harm than you think.

The need of the hour is a solution to manage the health of your Azure resources with ease. And that’s what Azure Service Health is all about. It’s a dedicated portal that allows you to track issues in your Azure resources.


Web development is a dynamic field where it is a common phenomenon to see updates and changes being released every now and then. In fact, we can safely say that the methodology and framework that are being followed today are completely different from what was followed a decade ago.

Now let us pause and think why has there been such monumental changes in this field? Most experts will say the same ‘To cater to a better user experience’. And to achieve this, they state that the application has to be lightweight and should be able to process large data easily…


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